Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sparkle Moore & Jasja Boelhouwer - 40's Hollywood; College Area/San Diego, CA

Name: Gail Higgins/Sparkle Moore & Jasja Boelhouwer
Location: College Area, San Diego, CA
Years Lived in: 2 in July
What was your inspiration for your house design? G & J: California indoor outdoor living, Hollywood movies.
What do you think makes your house stands out in the neighborhood? G & J: The attention to detail and tropical plants.
What is your favorite piece in your house? Why? G: The Saguaro cactus skeleton light in our hallway. It's a beautiful piece of nature and glows. J: it would be a hard one to answer, I love the Sequaro skelleton, but I would say the 2 things I have always wanted since I was a kid, The original Oval 40's 10 foot deep pool, and the Marlin in the Cabana Room.
Whom has been some of your biggest influences? For some bizarre reason, we have, unplanned ended up finding a lot of different pieces of Paul Frankl furniture, so he dominates our living room, and we are very influenced by vintage Hollywood.
In the future, what is your next home project? And what you would you like to do with it? Flagstone paths from the house to the cabana room & mid century loungers.