Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brad & Marion Luebbermann - MCM Tiki; Del Cerro/San Diego, CA

Name: Brad & Marion Luebbermann
Location: Del Cerro, CA
Years Lived in: 2 Years

What was your inspiration for your house design?  The inspiration for our furnishings from our many trips to the Modernism show in Palm Springs and Atomic Ranch magazine.  Long before we ever watched an episode of Mad Men (great show though), we were into the architecture, music, cars, and style of the early 60's.  (Hate to date myself, but I was made in the early 60's too. haha - Brad)

What do you think makes your house stands out in the neighborhood?  We have rented this 1965 ranch style house for 2 years from the original owners.  Like all renters, there are a million things we would to do to this house, from top to bottom, but it wouldn't make sense financially.  So in the mean time, we just have fun collecting a few pieces here and there, mostly from Craigslist and enjoying our pad.

What is your favorite piece in your house? Why?  Our favorite pieces in the house are the Broyhill Brasilia buffet, dining room table and room divider, all purchased from the same estate.  The Broyhill Brasilia line was first featured at the Seattle World's Fair in 1962 representing the City of Brasilia and the vision of architect, Oscar Neimeyer.  The room divider bears striking resemblance to the Chase Bank building in Palm Springs designed by E. Stewart Williams.

In the future, what is your next home project? And what you would you like to do with it? Our plans are to eventually buy a similar house in Del Cerro, hopefully with some architectural details that we like and that will fit our vintage pieces.


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Kim Campbell said...

Gorgeous! Thank you, great interview and photo.