Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Derek "Monkeyman" & Roxanne Weaver: South Pacific Room; Vista, CA

Name: Derek & Roxanne
Location: Vista, CA

What was your inspiration for the South Pacific Room?  Hard to say. We've been looking at photos and books of old Tiki Bars and Restaurants and pouring over images of newer builds for the past 10+ years. Its a blend of everything we've seen. To a large degree the shape of the room dictated how it was built out. The vaulted ceiling was perfect for making it feel like the inside of a hut.

What do you think makes your tiki bar stand out from the rest?  All of the custom carving in the room. We have spent many many hours designing, sketching, and router carving all the panels in the room. It surrounds the windows, the doors, the entryway to the room. The Ceiling beam is 12" wide and 14 feet long.

What is your favorite piece in your tiki bar?  The GIANT foam tiki in the corner behind the rattan sofa. He stands at 8 feet.  Why? Because its just a huge behemoth and really helps anchor the room. You arent expecting to see it when you walk in. Looks like real stone. Another masterpiece from our friend Marcus Pizzutti.

Whom has been some of your biggest influences?  Bosko, Tiki Diablo, and Bamboo Ben. Im a big fan of tiki artists but the ones who can handle ALL aspects of a project and do a complete installation really impress me.

In the future, what is the next project in the South Pacific Room?  No tiki room is ever complete. We are always adding a new homemade lamp here or new artwork there... Our next big project is to build an outdoor version of the South Pacific Room that sits poolside. Maybe the South Pacific Hut?



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